25 Piece Nitrile O Ring Assortment Sae Set

Blue Spot 225PCE Nitrile O Ring Assortment Handy storage box Complete with chart of sizes Use in plumbing and hydraulics Set includes 10PCE 3/32x15/64x9/128 20PCE 1/8x1/4x1/16 20PCE 5/32x9/32x1/16 20PCE 3/16x5/16x1/16 15PCE 7/32x11/32x1/16 15PCE 1/4x3/8x1/16 15PCE 5/16x7/16x1/16 10PCE 9/16x3/4x3/32 10PCE 5/8x13/16x3/32 10PCE 11/16x7/8x3/32 10PCE 3/4x15/16x3/32 10PCE 3/4x1x1/8 10PCE 13/16x1-1/16x1/8 10PCE 3/8x1/2x1 (Barcode EAN=5028734405200)